Down To Earth Discipleship    .    Getting real with issues facing young Christians today
Appendix 6
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Appendix 6: Further reading

Discipleship and the Christian Mind (all are recommended):

  • Wright, Tom, 2006, Simply Christian, SPCK, London. This book is stunning for the fresh way it looks at familiar material. "Not since C.S.Lewis's Mere Christianity has there been such a thrilling attempt to re-express the heart of the Christian faith and the transformation it offers to every area of personal and social life." Review pdf
  • Wright, Tom, 2009, Surprised by Hope, SPCK, London. This is a magnificent book in providing a fulsome vision of the implications of the resurrection on our daily life and work.
  • Collins, Francis S. 2006, The Language of God - a scientist presents evidence for belief, Free Press, Simon & Schuster, New York. An inspiring introduction to belief in God through the wonder of science, written by the Head of the Human Genome Project. Review pdf
  • Alexander, Denis 2008, Creation or Evolution: do we have to choose?. Monarch, Oxford UK. A superb review of the question based thoroughly in bible and up to date science. Review pdf
  • Alexander, Denis & White, Robert S, 2004, Beyond Belief, science, faith and ethical challenges, Lion, Oxford, UK. An excellent and readable account of the nature of science and it relates to faith, as well as discussion of modern ethical issues.
  • Berry, R.J. (ed) 2009, Real Scientists, Real Faith, Monarch Books, Oxford UK. 274 pp plus index and reading list. Testimonies of 18 different scientists, with excellent Foreword by editor.
  • Calhoun, Adele A. 2005, Spiritual Disciplines Handbook, IVPress, Illinois. Wide in scope, and helpful.
  • Costa, Ken, 2016 God at Work, Thomas Nelson, UK. An excellent book on flourishing constructively in the vocational workplace. Review pdf
  • D'Souza, Dinesh, 2007, What's so Great about Christianity, Tyndale House, 308 pp plus notes and index. A very worthwhile book covering science, philosophy and morality in the context of atheist critique. Review pdf
  • Hirsch, Alan & Debra, 2010, Untamed - reactivating a missional form of discipleship. Baker, Grand Rapids. A provocative challenge to anaemic Christian living, highlighting how our perception of Jesus has become mild and domesticated, rather than one which will transcend consumerism and change the world.
  • Keller, Timothy, 2008, The Reason for God - Belief in an Age of Scepticism. Hodder, UK. A very valuable book showing the reasonableness of faith on a number of bases, and how objections to faith are ultimately inconsistent.
  • Keller, Tim, 2012, Every Good Endeavour - connecting our work to God's plan for the world. Hodder, UK. A very valuable book showing work as participation in God's plan ultimately for renewing his creation.
  • Lewis, C.S. 1960, The Four Loves, Harper Collins, London. A classic approach to understanding the different kinds of affection between people.
  • Nelson, Tom, 2011, Work Matters - connecting Sunday worship to Monday work, Crossway, Illinois. An excellent book on proper Christian approach to work in its eternal context.
  • Rosner, Brian 2004, Beyond Greed, Matthias Media, Sydney. A guide on how to live and retain proper trust in God in a materialist society. It includes a good chapter on prosperity doctrine, and eight topic articles by other writers.
  • Stott, John 2010, The Radical Disciple, IVP Nottingham, UK.
  • Warren, Rick 2002, The Purpose-driven Life, Zondervan. A very practical unfolding exposition of God's purposes in the life of each disciple, and how to put into effect their implications.
  • White, John, 1977, 2002, The Fight, IVP, Leicester UK. A more comprehensive book on basic discipleship than this one.
  • Wyatt, John, 2009, Matters of Life and Death - Human dilemmas in the light of the Christian faith, IVP Nottingham, UK (2nd edn).
  • Yancey, Philip 1997, What's so Amazing about Grace, Zondervan, Grand Rapids. An inspiring book on a fundamental Christian reality.

Relationships and sex (main recommendations in bold):

  • Allberry, Sam, 2015, Is God anti-gay? The Good Book Company. Excellent small book by SSA author.
  • Arterburn, Stephen & Luck, Kenny, 2005, Every Young Man, God's Man - confident, courageous and completely His, WaterBrook Press, Colorado Springs. Some useful encouragement on several fronts.
  • Arterburn, Stephen & Stoeker, Fred, 2002, Every Young Man's Battle, WaterBrook Press, Colorado Springs. An overblown diatribe against masturbation, profoundly negative re sexual drive. Unlikely to be helpful. Ignore.
  • Chapman, Gary, 1995, The Five Love Languages, Northfield Publ., Chicago. Also 2004, Five Love Languages for Singles, and 2005 Five Love languages for Teenagers. Practical and insightful analysis of romantic interaction.
  • Chester, Tim, 2010, Captured by a Better Vision - Living porn-free, IVP Nottingham. A valuable book on this topic.
  • Cloud, H & Townsend, J, 2000, Boundaries in Dating - making dating work, Zondervan, Grand Rapids. A detailed "how to".
  • Couvela, Stephanie 2007, Celebrating Celibacy - sexuality, intimacy and wholeness for the single adult. Grove Pastoral Series P109, Cambridge.
  • DiMarco H & M, 2005, Marriable - taking the desperate out of dating, Revell, Grand Rapids Michigan. A valuable and entertaining book of practical advice.
  • Dye, Colin 2005, Staying Pure - in a sex-charged world, New Wine Press, UK. Sensible and helpful guidance on relationships.
  • Eldredge, John, 2001, Wild at Heart - discovering the secrets of a man's soul, Thos Nelson, Nashville. Positive and valuable, though laboured.
  • Eldredge, John & Stasi, 2005, Captivating - unveiling the mystery of a woman's soul, Thos Nelson, Nashville. A counterpart to Wild at Heart.
  • Gerali, Steve, 2006, Teenage Guys - Exploring issues adolescent guys face and strategies to help them, Zondervan, Grand Rapids. A very valuable book addressed more to parents and youth workers, but professional and incisive.
  • Harris, Joshua, 1997, 2003, I Kissed Dating Goodbye, Multnomah Publ, Oregon. A reaction to dysfunctional dating, which is ultimately silly and unhelpful. Ignore.
  • Harris, Joshua, 2003, Sex is not the Problem (Lust is) - Sexual purity in a lust-saturated world, Multnomah Publ, Oregon. An approach to singleness with some valuable wisdom.
  • Harris, Joshua, 2000, 2005, Boy Meets Girl - say hello to courtship, Multnomah Publ, Oregon. (Courtship = dating with purpose) A positive and practical guide to unfolding relationships, highly recommended despite US cultural bias. It has a very valuable final section on assessing compatibility. Recommended.
  • Ingram, Chip & Walker, Tim, 2005, Sex180 - the next revolution, Baker Books, Grand Rapids. Calls for a major change in the way we understand sex following the 1960s "sexual revolution".
  • John, J, 2008, Marriage Works: The Ultimate Guide to Marriage, Authentic Lifestyle. A helpful discussion of marriage, contrasting the cultural norm with the Christian ideal, focusing on the significance of commitment and companionship, and providing advice for considering, preparing for, building, and repairing a marriage.
  • McCulley, Caroline, 2004, Did I Kiss Marriage Goodbye?, Crossway, Wheaton Illinois. With Foreword by Joshua Harris, relating to singleness.
  • Maken, Debbie, 2006, Getting Serious about Getting Married, Crossway, Wheaton Illinois. Tends to reduce marriage to an obligation, which is particularly unhelpful for males coming to grips with their sexuality. Ignore.
  • Marshall, Linda, 2006, Pure: Sex and Relationships God's Way, IVP, Leicester. A very helpful little book though written for a more sheltered audience than this one.
  • Milian, Chuck, 2011, "We're Just Friends" and Other Dating Lies: Practical Wisdom for Healthy Relationships, New Growth Press. Suggests defining expectations before starting dating, and outlines a specific five-step plan to help limit relational damage while looking for someone to share their lives with. This book remedies and reduces the casualties of the current dating minefield. (from reviews)
  • Olson, Ginny, 2002?, Teenage Girls - Exploring issues adolescent girls face and strategies to help them, Zondervan, Grand Rapids. Not read, but included on basis of Gerali's counterpart book being excellent.
  • Richardson, John 1998, God, Sex & Marriage, St Matthias Press & MPA Books. A helpful exposition of I Corinthians 7.
  • Rosenau, Doug & Wilson, Michael Todd, 2006, Soul Virgins - redefining single sexuality, Baker Books, Grand Rapids. A comprehensive and wholesome treatment of sexuality and the only book we have seen which talks about the relationship continuum in much the same way as we do: connecting, coupling, covenanting in their terms. Apart perhaps from the title, first class!
  • Roundabout Ministries (Adrian Rouse) 2007, The Fight, booklet and DVD as course for dealing with porn addiction.,
  • Shaw, Ed, 2015, The plausibility Problem - the church and same-sex attraction, IVP. An excellent book on the subject.
  • Struthers, William M, 2009, Wired for Intimacy - how pornography hijacks the male brain, IVP Illinois. A good account of how pornography disrupts relationships by changing how the brain works, and what can be done in recovery.
  • Tylee, Alex, 2007, Walking with gay Friends - a journey of informed compassion, IVP Leicester. By a celibate gay Christian - encouragement in understanding, living and witness.
  • Weerakoon, Patricia, 2012, Teen Sex, by the book, Anglican Youthworks, Sydney. A good explicit book which also covers pornography and cyber issues.
  • Winner, Lauren F. 2005, RealSex - the naked truth about chastity, Brazos Press, Grand Rapids, Mich. Valuable and outspoken, authentic in its approach to premarital sex and how it is experienced and understood. Recommended.
  • is an Australian Christian web site for teenage males and deals sensibly with a wide range of questions for that age group. (sorry! no corresponding girls' site is known)